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On Thursday, April 29, the Hostos Community College Foundation presented its premier of the 2021 Virtual Annual Scholarship Benefit. This special event afforded the Foundation the opportunity to express its appreciation to its generous donors, celebrate their impact on students’ lives, and illustrate the phenomenal offerings that Hostos provides to its students and the community. This year, the well-attended Annual Scholarship Benefit raised more than $107,000 in support of student success and the educational mission of the College.
Host Michael Max Knobbe, executive director of BronxNet Television, welcomed the audience to experience the impact and history of Hostos by presenting the program from several iconic locations around the campus. Interim President Dr. Daisy Cocco De Filippis and Foundation Board Chairperson José A. Sánchez-Kinghorn shared inspiring messages about the College’s tradition of excellence and the student achievement that donors enable through scholarship support. The Foundation bestowed three awards to community leaders in honor of their philanthropy and public service. Continental Food and Beverage, Inca Kola, USA was presented with the Community Impact Award; Mr. and Mrs. Stuart and Randi P. Feiner received the Philanthropic Impact Award; and the Honorable José E. Serrano accepted the Lifetime Community Service Award. Once again, the Foundation extends its congratulations to all of its honorees and thanks them for all they do for the benefit of others.
This event also highlighted the inspired perseverance of Hostos students and alumni through the challenges of the last year. The Office of Alumni Relations applauded the many selfless Hostos graduates who work in healthcare combating the COVID-19 pandemic and highlighted six outstanding healthcare professionals who were featured in the Hostos Alumni on the Frontlines series. The digital animation video titled “Hope” created by student Sky Candelario captured the resilient spirit of Hostos students, and a documentary featuring Isabel Neira Sánchez titled “A Day in the Life of a Student” gave insight to her relatable experiences, managing her coursework, volunteering efforts, and familial responsibilities. One viewer reflected, “Listening to Isabel's story, it reminds me of my beginning at Hostos…Thanks to Hostos and the ESL Intensive Program, I was able to succeed. I encourage everyone to support Hostos and its students.”
The Foundation would like to thank each of the generous individuals who supported this event and who help to ensure that a Hostos education remains accessible to all who seek it. The Foundation also extends its deep appreciation to the sponsors of the Annual Scholarship Benefit. Presenting Sponsors: BronxCare Health Systems and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. Community Sponsors: Michael Propper and Family and, in honor of the Richard A. Propper Memorial Scholarship; ATAX Tax Preparation and Business Services; and BronxCare Health Systems. Further gratitude is due to the Benefit’s media partner, BronxNet Television, for its assistance in making this a virtual event to remember.
If you were unable to view the premiere, you can watch the entire program by clicking here. If you would like to make a gift in support of student opportunity and success at Hostos,
please click Make a Gift​.



Continental Food and Beverage, Inc.
Inca Kola USA
Community Impact Award


Mr. and Mrs. Stuart and Randi P. Feiner

Philanthropic Impact Award


The Honorable José E. Serrano

Lifetime Community Service Award

Alumni on the Frontlines ​Recognition


Many Hostos alumni healthcare professionals have bravely served on the frontlines of our city’s efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic – and we are immensely proud of each of them. These individuals are a testament to the academic excellence of Hostos and the spirit of community service that is so deeply rooted in the values of the College.


The following individuals have made invaluable societal contributions by selflessly giving of themselves in the service of those in need. Their compassionate care and valiant efforts have saved lives and brought comfort to numerous families. 


To these six outstanding alumni heroes, and to all who give back to our community, thank you for your dedication, commitment and service.

Long-term Care Nurses


Fevidaury Valerio Arias, Class of 2017, LPN, Metropolitan Jewish Hospital Services

“I appreciate everybody’s job — not only doctors and nurses are essential. All the sanitation, environmental and dietary workers — without them, this wouldn’t work. Everybody plays a vital part in this pandemic. Even if nursing is demanding, I couldn’t be prouder to have chosen this field because it just makes me happy when I help others.”


Salimata Seck, Class of 2016, RN, Mary Manning Walsh Nursing Home

“[My patients are] vulnerable people who are used to seeing their family members, and now all they see is you. You have to leave all your problems behind for the whole shift — all your sick family members, everything — because you have to take care of them.”


Doreen Tomlinson, Class of 2012, RN, Bronx Lebanon Special Care Center

“This pandemic has changed my whole outlook — the way I look at life in general. I’ve learned to appreciate life more and appreciate things more. I place more emphasis on being empathetic and humble. It was a life-changing situation which has brought us together in a very emotional way.”


Media Partner BronxNet Television




Michael Max Knobbe

Executive Director of BronxNet Television


Bronx native Michael Max Knobbe is a community leader, social entrepreneur and accomplished media arts professional. Serving as Executive Director of BronxNet Television, Mr. Knobbe has pioneered and guided many initiatives at the network. Under his leadership, BronxNet has produced award winning content that builds community and provides young people with the professional skills to take on the challenges of an ever-changing digital landscape.


Mr. Knobbe has been instrumental in guiding the design, construction and launch of state-of-the-art, multisite, multimedia production studios, including both the current and forthcoming BronxNet studios in the South Bronx. He has been recognized by his peers in the field with industry awards, and several programs and documentaries produced under his direction have garnered multiple New York Emmy Award nominations and wins.


Mr. Knobbe is deeply committed to the arts and producing arts content. Through his efforts to highlight the robust arts and culture programming in the South Bronx, he has worked closely with the Hostos Center for Arts & Culture for many years. He has helped to facilitate programs that spotlight local and international artists who perform at the Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture and exhibit at the Longwood Arts Gallery.


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